Radiance Within Compassion Soy Candles Set of 4

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Oh, we are in love with these non-toxic soy wax candles poured especially for Radiance Within by The Blomstre.  Ignite that Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Forgiveness, enjoy that radiance within us, while pamper all our senses with the amazing aromas.

Size: 100ml/180ml


4 x 100ml (HKD780/USD100)

4 x 180ml (HKD1,120/USD145)

Scents for each candle:

LOVE  (Love is the most healing force there is) 

Orange, apple, pineapple/Honeydew Melon, Coconut/Rum, Vanilla

COMPASSION (Replace criticisms with compassion.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and others)

Sea salt/Orchid, Lily/Wood, Tonka Bean

GRATITUDE (Being thankful opens the door for more goods to flow in)

Mint, lime/Pineapple, Jasmine/Rum

FORGIVENESS (Forgiveness is the best way to love, free yourself from the imprisonment of anger and frustrations)

Bergomot, Mandarin/Thyme, Jasmine/White Tea